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Some Useful Guidance On Effortless Methods

Are Millennials Replacing Religion with Astrology and Spiritualism?

Are Millennials Replacing Religion With Astrology and Spiritualism? Why the interest in astrology? There is no direct causal explanation, but there is a range of factors. Millennials no longer feel religions are responsive to their unique position in society and history. Astrology is both diverse and personalized. There are a range of interpretations and no dogma, so practitioners can pick and choose what they want to follow. Additionally, astrology is designed to give direct messages into an individual’s future. This creates a need for followers to use the services once they start continuously. Some experts have linked tarot cards and astrology to a need for spiritual satisfaction or disillusionment with one’s life. Looking into the future seems like a way to erase future errors or make up for mistakes in the past. This is why divination has had popularity from the very onset in early society.

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